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Local Jobs First Commissioner

The Local Jobs First Act 2003 establishes a Local Jobs First Commissioner who will balance advocacy, facilitation and compliance functions, working closely with industry and departments to create opportunities for small and medium sized businesses on government projects.

Key Documents

The following are the key documents associated with Local Jobs First. These documents support Agencies and Suppliers to understand, implement and comply with the Local Jobs First policy.


The Local Jobs First Policy ensures that local businesses are given a full and fair opportunity to compete for government contracts. And with record levels of investment infrastructure, there has never been a better time for local businesses to get involved in supplying the Victorian Government’s pipeline of Local Jobs First projects.

Strategic projects

With all projects valued at $50 million or above automatically classified as Strategic Projects, as well as other projects agreed by government, more opportunities are now available to local industry and workers to contribute to high value goods, services and construction projects.

Standard projects

Each year, the government has hundreds of goods, services and construction projects worth millions of dollars that are delivered by local businesses and workers.