Important changes introduced to the Local Jobs First Policy will strengthen outcomes for the local steel industry, including raising the profile of steel on current and future Local Jobs First Strategic Projects.

Agencies and suppliers delivering Government construction projects must ensure local steel alternatives have been considered before proposing a change to local sourcing, giving the industry a full and fair opportunity to compete for government work.

The following changes apply to Victorian Government projects valued at $50 million or above and are effective immediately:

  • A new process that requires suppliers for all new and existing Strategic Projects to inform agencies when they propose significant changes from locally sourced goods, materials or labour in their Local Industry Development Plan
  • Steel opportunities will be prioritised on all new construction Strategic Projects, with additional requirements on select projects
  • The Industry Capability Network (ICN) will work closely with suppliers for Strategic Projects to maximise opportunities for the local steel industry and supply chain.

Under Local Jobs First, suppliers and agencies are required to monitor progress against local content requirements for all Strategic Projects.

The changes mean that where a supplier for a Strategic Project proposes changing the sourcing of local steel compared to what was listed in the Local Industry Development Plan, the agency and supplier must first consider what is driving the change and look for solutions that maximise local steel outcomes. The agency will also be required to notify the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR).

DJPR will work with and support agencies encountering significant changes on their projects and consider any systemic issues impacting on the achievement of local content on projects. The Local Jobs First Commissioner will also continue to work with agencies and contractors to advocate for the use of local steel on Government projects.

Further information about these changes, including a detailed factsheet and agency and supplier FAQs can be found on the Using Local Steel on Strategic Projects page.