The Local Jobs First Act 2003 is administered by DJSIR. It is focused on promoting employment and business growth by expanding market opportunities for local industry and providing for industry development.

The Local Jobs First Policy supports Victorian businesses and workers by ensuring that small and medium size enterprises are given a full and fair opportunity to compete for both large and small government contracts, helping to create opportunities including for apprentices, trainees and cadets. The Local Jobs First policy comprises:

  • Local Jobs First - Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP), which focuses on providing opportunities for local suppliers to compete for work on all types of government contracts, helping to create and sustain opportunities for Victorian businesses and workers. This policy is about local industry development.
  • Local Jobs First - Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG), focuses on providing opportunities to Victorian apprentices, trainees and cadets to work on high value government construction projects. This policy is about growing the next generation of skilled workers in Victoria.