The Local Jobs First Agency Guidelines detail the requirements and provide steps for all Victorian Government departments and agencies to apply Local Jobs First to their procurement activities.

Download the Local Jobs First Agency Guidelines here.

The Local Jobs First model clauses must be used as a minimum by all Victorian government agencies when tendering and contracting for projects and issuing grants where Local Jobs First applies.

The model clauses should be strengthened as appropriate to align with the agency's tender and contracting documents.

The Local Jobs First monitoring table must be completed and submitted by the agency to DJSIR's Industry Participation team and also to ICN Victoria for review at the completion of a contract or grant agreement. Please note that this is a template and is to be used as a guide only. A monitoring and evaluation table will be included as part of the project documentation for your project.

Standing Directions are issued by the Minister for Finance under section 8 of the Financial Management Act 1994 (FMA). They specify public sector agency responsibilities to achieve a high standard of public financial management and accountability.

The Directions apply to departments and public bodies as defined under the FMA and are a mandatory requirement.

Financial Reporting Directive (FRD25C) prescribes the disclosure requirements for Local Jobs First in accordance with section 9 of the Victorian Industry Participation Policy Act 2003.

It specifies that information that must be reported in a department’s or agency’s annual report. The information is also required for the Local Jobs First Annual Report tabled in Parliament by the responsible Minister as required under section 10 of the Victorian Industry Participation Policy Act 2003.

On 15 August 2018, the Local Jobs First Act 2003 became law in Victoria. The Act amends and strengthens the former Victorian Industry Participation Policy Act 2003 — Australia’s longest-standing industry participation legislation.