Monitoring and reporting obligations under Local Jobs First are set out in the Agency Guidelines and Supplier Guidelines.

    These obligations include agency responsibility for ongoing monitoring of Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) commitments and associated compliance by contractors and suppliers.

    Reporting information, including project details, commitments and outcomes, must be submitted using the Victorian Management Centre (VMC). It is important to note that reporting is required at the beginning and completion of a project and may also be required periodically during project delivery to monitor the outcomes of higher value projects.

    Projects worth $20 million or more need to report against commitments every six months throughout the project. Reporting periods end on 30 March and 30 September each year. More information can be found in the Agency Guidelines.

    As part of monitoring obligations, agencies must follow a specific process for Strategic Projects where, during project delivery, a supplier proposes changes to the local sourcing compared to what is listed in the approved LIDP.

    The Local Jobs First Act 2003 requires agencies to provide information to the responsible minister for inclusion in the Local Jobs First Annual Report, which is tabled in Parliament by the responsible minister by 30 November each year. DJSIR collects all data for the Annual Report from the VMC.

    It is important to note that every Victorian Government department and agency is also required to report on compliance with Local Jobs First in its annual report of operations under Part 7 of the Financial Management Act 1994. Requirements are outlined in Financial Reporting Direction 25D Local Jobs Disclosures in the Report of Operations.