The following information will assist agencies and suppliers for Local Jobs First Strategic Projects to identify steel partners for current and future projects, and help ensure local steel businesses continue to benefit from the Victorian Government’s significant infrastructure investment:

  • Steel work packages for Strategic Projects are listed on ICN Gateway to provide visibility of project opportunities
  • The Victorian Steel Industry Supply Chain Directory lists businesses that have a significant presence in Victoria and manufacture their goods locally
  • ICN industry advisers are available throughout Victoria to help bidders for Local Jobs First Strategic Projects find local steel opportunities and solutions
  • The Local Jobs First Commissioner maintains regular engagement with the industry and can also assist suppliers to identify local steel businesses.

Supplier and agency requirements to maintain use of local steel

Suppliers for all new and existing Strategic Projects must inform agencies when they propose significant changes from locally sourced goods, materials or labour in their Local Industry Development Plan, including steel items.

Agencies delivering new and existing Strategic Projects must work with suppliers to understand the reason for any proposed changes to local sourcing. For significant changes that may impact on the achievement of local content commitments, agencies must notify the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) and the Industry Capability Network (ICN) when the changes are proposed.

Local Steel - policy enhancement factsheet June 2022 (PDF, 353.14 KB)

Agency and Supplier FAQs