Whether you’re procuring goods, services or construction activities through a Supplier Panel, it is subject to Local Jobs First if the total value of all anticipated contracts under a project is:

  • $1 million or more in regional Victoria, or
  • $3 million or more in metropolitan Melbourne or for statewide activities.

This page contains a summary of the Local Jobs First – VIPP process for panel contracts. You must ensure that you read, understand and comply with your full obligations as provided in the Local Jobs First Agency Guidelines.

If you have questions about any aspect of this process, you should speak with your VIPP coordinator.

  • Your first step is to confirm that the estimated project budget of the panel.  Although the panel may comprise a number of separate contracts, you will need to estimate the total value of the whole project.
  • If the total project value is $1 million or more (regional) or $3 million or more (metropolitan or statewide) then you will need to get the panel project registered with ICN Victoria VIPP Management Centre (VMC)
  • ICN will review your panel project specifications and assess contestability.
  • As part of the tendering process to set up a panel, suppliers are required to complete a ‘Statement of Intent’ confirming their commitment to comply with the VIPP requirements, including the completion of a Local Industry Development Plan, once they enter into a contract to deliver the goods and or services.
  • Refer to the VIPP Model Clauses about requirements for including a ‘Statement of Intent’ in the panel tender documents.
  • The department or agency entering into a contract for goods and services with a panel member is responsible for applying and monitoring the VIPP for that procurement activity.

As with all VIPP projects you will need to maintain records of your application of Local Jobs First – VIPP during the procurement process, and monitor the commitments made by your contractors or panel members and the outcomes achieved.