Whether you’re procuring goods, services or construction activities through a panel of suppliers, it is subject to Local Jobs First if the total value of a project that utilises the panel meets the Local Jobs First thresholds of:

  • $1 million or more in regional Victoria, or
  • $3 million or more in metropolitan Melbourne or for statewide activities.

If your purchase off the panel meets the Local Jobs First thresholds, you must apply Local Jobs First to the project at hand.

If you are establishing or renewing a panel contract and the estimated or historical contract spend meets the above thresholds, you must consult with DJSIR prior to contract establishment / market approach to determine how Local Jobs First will apply. This includes State Purchase Contracts (SPCs) or Sole Entity Purchase Contracts (SEPCs) where the contract may be awarded to a sole supplier.

Please refer to the Local Jobs First Agency Guidelines on how to manage this.