The Local Jobs First Supplier Guidelines provide detailed information what suppliers and grant recipients need to do when bidding and supplying into government projects, including for panel supply contracts.

Local Industry Development Plans

A Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) is a key document in the delivery of the Local Jobs First. It requires bidders to detail how they will engage with local industry, and also detail clear commitments to local content and jobs to be delivered as part of a project. For Local Jobs First Strategic Projects, LIDPs must meet the mandated minimum local content requirements set by government.

LIDPs are used to inform the tender evaluation process, including in scoring bids for their local content commitments, taking into account the likelihood of delivery. Industry development has a 10 per cent weighting in the evaluation criteria – although some agencies may increase this for certain projects, as well as a 10 per cent weighting for jobs outcomes.

The LIDP template is issued by DJPR and may be supplemented by agencies. It is available as an online form via the ICN's Victorian Local Jobs First Management Centre (VMC).

To ensure compliance, a completed LIDP must be acknowledged by the ICN prior to submitting with your tender documents.