If you have received a grant or loan from a Victorian Government department or agency towards a project, Local Jobs First applies where the value of the grant or loan meets the Local Jobs First thresholds of $1 million and above in regional Victoria or $3 million and above in metropolitan Melbourne or for State-wide projects. These are the same thresholds as apply to procurement projects under Local Jobs First.

The way that Local Jobs First applies to grants and loans projects is tailored and it is important that you read and understand the process and your obligations as detailed in the Local Jobs First Supplier Guidelines.

If you receive a project grant:

  • Your contract will make clear whether Local Jobs First applies and the specific requirements.
  • The agency contract manager will advise that you must obtain an Interaction Reference Number (IRN) form through the ICN VMC at www.icnforce.com.
  • Obtaining the IRN form will require you to  give an indication on the nature of the grant activities to be undertaken or project being designed, and the likely goods and services to be required.
  • Through the ICN, you will gain valuable information on local businesses which can potentially supply goods and services into your project. ICN advisers can even make the initial contact on your behalf!
  • Following this consultation, ICN will issue you a letter with the IRN that will need to be submitted to the agency issuing the grant within 20 days, as outlined in the grant agreement.
  • You should monitor your activities to engage local suppliers, as well as local content and job achievements over the life of the project, as this will provide important information needed for reporting purposes. It is also good practice and will remind you of the effort you have made to engage local businesses and related achievements.
  • For details on the Local Jobs First requirements for grant recipients refer to the Local Jobs First Supplier Guidelines. This includes grants to local governments.

As a project that has received a significant government grant, you may also be approached to participate in events to showcase the project, your and your supply chain’s capability and excellence of the workforce delivering the project. This is a great way of promoting the great achievements from local businesses and workers on government projects.