The Local Jobs First Policy supports Victorian businesses and workers by ensuring that small and medium size enterprises are given a full and fair opportunity to compete for both large and small government contracts, helping to create job opportunities, including for apprentices, trainees and cadets.

From schools and hospitals, to manufacturing and road projects, Local Jobs First is about ensuring that local projects create opportunities for Victorian businesses and workers.

The Local Jobs First Policy is comprised of the Victorian Industry Participation Policy and the Major Projects Skills Guarantee.

The Local Jobs First - Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) is an industry development policy that helps ensure competitive local businesses are provided with opportunities to supply into Victorian government projects.

The Local Jobs First - VIPP must be applied by all Victorian government departments and agencies for any type of project with a value of:

  • $1 million or more in regional Victoria, or
  • $3 million or more in metropolitan Melbourne or for state-wide activities.

Minimum local content requirements are set for government projects worth $50 million or more or for other projects as agreed.

Local Jobs First – VIPP helps ensure that local businesses are given full and fair opportunity to compete for Victorian government contracts.

The Local Jobs First - Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG) policy helps create opportunities for Victorian apprentices, trainees and cadets to work on some of Victoria's biggest building and infrastructure projects.

Under the MPSG, all construction projects valued at or over $20 million are required to use Victorian apprentices, trainees or cadets for at least 10 per cent of the total estimated labour hours.

The MPSG ensures that young Victorians benefit directly from the major infrastructure projects being undertaken in our state, and ensures that we continue to grow the next generation of skilled workers in Victoria.