The Office of Industry Participation and Jobs has hosted seven information sessions for agencies, suppliers and grants administrators aimed at engaging and educating those involved in implementing Local Jobs First across a range of different projects.

All of the sessions hosted for Victorian suppliers and businesses that currently or would like to supply to government projects have reached their ticket capacity, with many people turning up to hear presentations from Local Jobs First Commissioner Don Matthews, the Industry Capability Network, and representatives from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, the Social Procurement Framework and the Department of Finance. There was a significant and varied turnout with businesses ranging from construction through to social enterprises.

Each of the sessions included a Q&A session with a panel, with questions ranging from specific concerns around local content determinations through to broader questions around jobs and how to complete the Local Industry Development Plans.

It was important for attendees at these sessions to have an opportunity to connect and discuss the policy in further detail, and the Office of Industry Participation and Jobs welcomes further feedback and questions from all who have attended these sessions. If you have any questions about these sessions or how Local Jobs First applies to you and your projects, please contact