Victoria’s bus infrastructure is getting an overhaul with Public Transport Victoria (PTV) undertaking works on the design, supply, installation and maintenance of bus infrastructure across the state.

This Local Jobs First strategic project will enable the ad-hoc maintenance of approximately twenty-six thousand bus stops located across the state. A scheduled yearly maintenance program will enable services such as the cleaning and rectification of damaged bus infrastructure, as well as new and improved maintenance and security services for the Box Hill Bus Deck.

Through the Local Jobs First policy, this project is providing a number of opportunities for local SMEs and local industry. One of these SMEs is local business MIEPOL – specialising in civil engineering and traffic management support.

Recently, MIEPOL was tasked with the construction of approximately eighty bus stops in the Horsham and Stawell areas of regional Victoria as part of this large-scale strategic project and are responsible for the continued maintenance of these bus stops.

MIEPOL’s commitment to using local suppliers has enabled over eight local businesses to also participate in this project, providing several products and materials to support the delivery of these bus stops in the Horsham and Stawell areas.

Furthermore, MIEPOL has been able to provide several cadets with ongoing opportunities to develop their skills and gain experience in the civil engineering space.

MIEPOL’S Strategic Projects Manager, Andrew Severn said: “The Local Jobs First policy is not only providing opportunities for SMEs such as MIEPOL, it is also enabling MIEPOL to provide further opportunities for local SMEs, suppliers and contractors across Victoria. MIEPOL is committed to using and buying local and continues to support the delivery of large-scale projects across the state.”

Local Jobs First Commissioner, Don Matthews also showed his support for local suppliers saying: “This is what Local Jobs First is about. Thanks to the Local Jobs First policy you have SMEs being provided with ongoing opportunities in government procurement and in turn creating new opportunities for local industry through their commitment to use other local suppliers, contractors and SMEs to complete works.”

The ongoing commitment to local industry through the Local Jobs First policy is enabling a continued investment into the future of Victorian SMEs, apprentices, cadets and trainees – creating a stronger workforce and economic benefits for Victoria’s local industry.