Meet the Commissioner


Moana Weir, Local Jobs First Commissioner

Moana Weir is an experienced lawyer with extensive leadership experience, including as a senior officer of SEEK and REA Group, and as an executive at Bupa. She has also served as a director on a number of boards, including as chair of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. As Local Jobs First Commissioner, Moana works closely with industry and across government to help drive economic recovery and promote opportunities for local workers through Victorian Government procurement.

Who we are

In August 2018, the Local Jobs First Act was enacted by the Victorian Parliament. The Act enshrined the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) the Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG) and established the role of the Local Jobs First Commissioner.

The Commissioner’s responsibilities and functions are effective as of 15th August 2018 and are applicable to all projects from this time; any others added subsequently will also be subject to the Commissioner’s powers (all Government projects contracted before August 15th will be subject to the rules established under the former VIPP Act 2003; and the MPSG).

The Commissioner will advocate on behalf of Victorian SME’s, as well as promoting the employment of apprentices, trainees and cadets on government projects. The Commissioner will also oversee compliance of local content and job commitments entered into as part of the contractual arrangements for project delivery.

The Commissioner’s compliance powers will ensure that agencies and contractors involved in government procurement understand their obligations under the Act. To understand more about the Commissioner’s compliance powers, click here

What we do

As part of our three-year strategic plan for the years 2019-2022, the Local Jobs First Commissioner will focus on four key priority areas as identified below.

Strategy Summary