What should I contact the commissioner about?

If you have a general enquiry, require further information or would like to report a breach in relation to Local Jobs First compliance, please fill out the webform provided below. To ensure your question is answered as best possible, we kindly ask you to provide as much detail as possible.

The Commissioner is committed to supporting and advocating on behalf of local industry, contractors, government agencies and other organisations/individuals to support the delivery of the Local Jobs First Policy.

If the Commissioner is unable to assist you with your enquiry, the Commissioner will refer you to an appropriate contact within the Victorian Government.

For enquiries regarding the submission of a tender for a particular project or assistance with a Local Industry Development Plan please contact the procuring agency or Industry Capability Network – Victoria directly.

Any complaints about a procurement outcome should be directed to the procuring agency.

Receipt of information and complaints

If your information and contact details have been provided, you will receive a written response, acknowledging receipt of your information within three business working days. Further steps will be determined by the nature and seriousness of the compliant.