It was an exciting month for Local Jobs First reaching an impressive milestone of 100 strategic projects since 2018.

Since the enactment of the Local Jobs First policy, we are seeing more and more businesses take part in government procurement. This is not only supporting local business but also helping keep jobs in Victoria – boosting our economy.

Furthermore, together with the Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG), this policy is also enabling local industry to increase workforce capabilities.

All construction projects valued at over twenty million are required to now use Victorian apprentices, trainees or cadets for at least ten percent of the total estimated labour hours through the MPSG.

This not only helps provide job opportunities for workers it also equips workers with new skills whilst building a sustainable workforce across the state.

Victoria has an array of goods and services, by investing in Victoria’s local industry we will enable the continued growth across various sectoral groups whilst utilising Victorian-made goods and services.

The Office of the Local Jobs First Commissioner and Local Jobs First policy will continue to deliver and strengthen opportunities for local industry in government procurement – increasing economic growth in Victoria.

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