With a growing population, the focus on building a sustainable workforce has never been stronger.

The Local Jobs First policy combined with the Major Project Skills Guarantee (MPSG) has been at the forefront of increasing workforce capabilities and creating ongoing job opportunities on large-scale government projects.

All construction projects valued at over twenty million dollars are obligated to use Victorian apprentices, trainees or cadets for at least ten percent of total estimated labour hours.

This is not only providing job opportunities for a new generation of workers but also equipping workers with new skills, in turn, creating a sustainable workforce for years to come.

Since the Local Jobs First policy was enacted, we have seen an increase in the number of local Victorian businesses being used on government projects. By using Victorian services and products we are not only supporting Victorian local businesses but also keeping businesses and jobs in Victoria.

Local Jobs First Commissioner, Don Matthews said: “We all have an obligation to support Victoria’s local industry, by using and buying Victorian products and services. This is particularly important in regional Victorian as they recover from the recent devastating bushfires. We are here to support Victoria’s local industry and as Victoria’s Local Jobs First Commissioner, I committed to continuing my work with local industry.”

In a tough economic market, it is vital we continue buying and using Victorian products and services whilst supporting Victoria’s local industry in government procurement.

The Local Jobs First policy and Commissioner will continue to deliver and strengthen opportunities for local industry in government procurement – increasing economic growth in Victoria.

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