Approaching the one-year mark since the appointment of Victoria’s inaugural Local Jobs First Commissioner, it is the right time to look back and reflect on all that we achieved as a team, and our accomplishments across local industry by working collaboratively across the sectors. Whilst proud of these achievements we wanted to highlight the importance of teamwork, collaboration and how Local Jobs First is bringing together businesses and trades.

This was particularly evident in the recently completed Flinders St redevelopment. An icon of the Victorian infrastructure landscape, this redevelopment showcased teamwork and brought together a variety of trades from the metalworks of the acroterion, to the stained-glass restorations and delicate Edwardian style brickwork to name a few.

Local Jobs First is not only bringing together different trades, it is also enabling well-experienced tradespeople and youth to come together; allowing the next generation of tradespeople to learn old trade skills and further their experience, equipping a new generation of workers with the skills needed to work on future heritage buildings and large infrastructure projects.

As an experienced leader, Local Jobs First Commissioner, Don Matthews, has led numerous teams throughout his career. Throughout the years he has found an important aspect and vital component to great teamwork and collaboration is communication – openly sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas in a respectable manner. Communication is vital when working together and something the Local Jobs First Commissioner strongly encourages.

The success of any project is dependent on clear communication, with the Local Jobs First policy not only providing Victorian businesses with opportunities to take part in government procurement, but also encouraging collaboration and better communication between the different businesses in the supply chain.

Collaboration in the supply chain is vital in providing opportunities to learn new skills, work towards mutual goals and improve dialogue between different businesses.

Local Jobs First Commissioner, Don Matthews said: “Not only does cross-collaboration improve dialogue, it also has the ability to strengthen performance levels across a project. Having a team with mixed skill sets allows innovative ways of thinking, bringing to life new ideas and methods of doing things.”

We are proud to see the Local Jobs First policy not only supporting Victorian businesses but also enabling new opportunities for everyone involved in the supply chain to come together – increasing innovation and contributing to the growth of the Victorian economy.

Commissioner at Joan Kirner Hospital