In the era of a globalised trading world, buying and using local goods and services has never been more important.

Victoria has a multitude of successful local businesses in metropolitan and regional Victoria, across different sectors including the manufacturing, building and lighting sectors to name a few.

Whilst the Local Jobs First policy continues to provide ongoing opportunities for local industry in government procurement, you can also do your bit by using Victorian goods and services.

We all have an obligation whether in the private or public sector to make use of Victorian goods and services. This will further support the effective implementation of the Local Jobs First policy and other such policies.

Buying local and using Victorian-based goods and services not only boosts the Victorian economy but provides ongoing employment opportunities for Victorians. It also encourages businesses to innovate and in doing so maintain a resilient and vibrant economy.

Furthermore, there are many social benefits to using Victorian goods and services. These include the expansion of social networks across local industry and different businesses, as well as the ability to further one’s skill set by businesses offering on-the-job training. On the job training not only helps increase a worker’s skill set, it also enables the bridging of the gap between the needs of industry and skill requirements, as training is specific and focussed.

Combined with these factors, the Local Jobs First policy is continuing to maximise opportunities in government procurement, while creating opportunities to increase workforce capabilities.

Local Jobs First Commissioner, Don Matthews said: “Local Jobs First is continuing to equip workers with the skills they need to increase workforce capabilities state-wide while providing ongoing opportunities for collaboration across the sectors.”

Local Jobs First is not only providing opportunities in government procurement it is also enabling a platform for collaboration and better communication between different businesses in the supply chain.

The Commissioner will continue to focus on specific sectoral areas across local industry to identify any barriers faced when accessing government procurement.

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Buy local